Innovative technology to secure long-term tightness.

The secret of the superior long-term water tightness of all GIGAPIPE SYSTEMS plastic pipes is the SAFECONNEC technology. It reinforces the plastic pipe joints at the most important and critical points to ensure the outstanding long-term resistance and tightness. Moreover, an extraordinary
strengthening process ensures the necessary long-term resistance of the joint
against deformation and leaks with an externally welded reinforcement ring.


It holds!
SAFECONNEC reinforces the critical points on plastic belling joints to ensure a
long-term watertight connection. The wrapper technology, a reinforcement
process, provides the required permanent seal via a highly rigid reinforcement band welded to the pipe.

giga pipe

The advanced wrapper
technology for long life
water tightness.


  • Long-lasting watertight in-line belling joint
  • Fulfils the latest standard (e.g. IS 16098-2 and DIN EN 13476)
  • Insoluble special strengthening band welded onto external surface to
    eliminate typical long-term creeping of plastics
  • In-line belling joint so no trough required

2. With Double Coupler



GIGAPIPE SYSTEMS’s offers a complete waste and rainwater system with an extensive fitting range for all available diameters ranging between ID 150 and ID 500. Due to the comfortable and quick installation of all system elements, the costs and the required installation times can be minimized.

giga pipe

giga pipe

Apart from the standard components listed here, GIGAPIPE SYSTEMS produces all required special components upon request, for example for rain water management or geothermal heat collectors, in its own manufactory facilities.