The complete, reliable draining of settlement water and precipitation serves to ensure man’s health, to protect the environment and to maintain the infrastructure developed by man. For a waste water network, this is both an important criterion and justifies its right to exist. One of the most important criteria, however, is that the pipe remains tight as long as possible.

The GIGACOR system is connected by means of bells which are shaped out of the extremities of the relevant pipe during production (“in-line bell”). On the construction site, the pipe ends are just inserted into each other using a simple set of tools so that they fit accurately. A profile seal made of highly-developed
rubber (EPDM) guarantees the required tightness and a longitudinal force-locked connection.

giga pipe

SAVECONNEC is a GIGAPIPE SYSTEMS development which optimises the interaction between bell and sealing ring and further improves the positive properties of flexible pipe systems. On the bell’s outside, a high-strength reinforcement tape is welded directly to that point where the sealing ring will
press later against the plastic from inside. The tape durable prevents material creeping even under extreme stress and thus ensures tightness of the pipe connection for more than 100 years. The same process is used for all individual customised and manufactured products by GIGAPIPE

  • User-friendly handling, easy to install
  • Conforming to standards such as IS 16098-2.
  • The weld-on high-strength tape allows highly efficient
    material and energy input for environmental’s sake.

giga pipe

GIGAPIPE SYSTEMS’s offers a complete waste and rainwater system with an extensive fitting range for all available diameters ranging between ID 150 and ID 500. Due to the comfortable and quick installation of all system elements, the costs and the required installation times can be minimized.


The pictures show one of the major advantages of flexible corrugated plastic pipes when compared to rigid pipe systems of the traditional type: GIGACOR adapts highly tolerantly and without any problems to ground movements and thus balances, for example, increased loads, mass relocations, ground settlements or even bedding mistakes. The system remains intact and reliably tight. In some of the world’s areas that are prone to earthquakes, corrugated plastic pipes offering GIGACOR quality are used exclusively.

Available pipe sizes (DN/ID) in mm:

Corrugated plastic pipes of the GIGACOR series are available in all. commercial sizes ranging from 150 to 500 mm DN/ID and thus therefore comprehensively cover all applications mentioned herein.