GIGACOR corrugated plastic pipes have been developed by GIGA PIPE SYSTEMS INDIA LLP. They are produced as double wall pipes on the company-owned machinery of the HD series. The complete GIGACOR system meets all of the strict standards of the Indian Standard Institute and is in line with the relevant technical rules and standards for water management, waste water, and waste. External control and/or technical approval guarantee the compliance with these quality standards.

Fields of Application:

  • Gravity lines of any kind
  • Wastewater networks, rainwater systems
  • Combined sewers
  • Drainage systems for premises
  • Special solutions for industry and communities
  • Open-construction exchange and renewal procedures
  • Extension of existing networks
  • Special constructions for the management of rain and
    storm water and for industrial applications upon request


  • The HD-PE material guarantees the best balance between flexibility and stiffness and, combined with the specially developed profile geometry of the pipe, a high ring stiffness of = SN 8 in accordance with ISO EN 9969 / IS 16098-2.
  • Approval on the basis of IS 16098-2, DIN EN 13476.
  • Appropriate for all bedding materials according to DIN EN 1610 / IS 16098-2.
  • Appropriate for pressure tests according to EN 13476 / IS 16098-2.
  • High-pressure cleaning methods according to DIN 19523 / IS 16098-2.
  • Proven water tightness and root penetration resistance.
  • Ring flexibility according to DIN EN ISO 13968 / IS 16098-2, 30 % deformation without failure behavior.
  • Hight quality EPDM rubber seal according to EN 681-1 / IS 16098-2

Physical properties

  • Optimum abrasion behavior according to the material comparison test using the Darmstadt method


The GIGACOR system is assembled manually, easily and quickly. You just need one simple lever tool which GIGAPIPE SYSTEMS keeps on stock for its customers.

The first step is to clean the in-line bell. Second, an industrial lubricant is applied inside. The spigot of the following pipe segment is provided in the factory with a compression seal. This end is positioned in front of the above-mentioned bell, making sure that (optional) the correct identification mark (red = waste water / combined sewerage system, blue=rain water) is positioned on top and that the protective film is removed.

One-half shell of GIGAPIPE SYSTEMS’s assembly tool is positioned in the second pipe valley after the in-line bell, while the second half shell is put on between the corrugations of the spigot to such an extent that the pins latch laterally into the first opening.

Now the lever arms are applied to the first half shell. Due to the lever-like movements, the spigot is pushed into the bell. The pipes are properly connected as soon as the inner pipe of the spigot is inserted into the bell until stop. This way, a longitudinally force-locked connection is realized without welding.


1.JPG  3 4 5

1)Apply an industrial lubricant inside the bell.

2) Push the pipe spigot into the bell.

3) One side of the tool has to be positioned in the second valley behind the in-line bell, while the second side of the tool is placed between the corrugations in a way that the pin latches into the first opening

4) Now move the lever back and forth.

5) The pipes are properly connected as soon as the inner pipe of the spigot is inserted into the bell until stop.

General guidelines and standards for pipe laying:

Please contact GIGAPIPE SYSTEMS’s sales staff or in order to get technical support for the realisation of the installation guidelines.

Individual pipe length:

The pipes can be cut off individually by means of commercially available tools before laying. A clean cut in the corrugation valley has to be guaranteed. Finally, just apply the sealing ring again.

Available pipe sizes (DN/ID) in mm:

Corrugated plastic pipes of the GIGACOR series are available in all. commercial sizes ranging from 150 to 500 mm DN/ID and thus therefore comprehensively cover all applications mentioned herein.