Welcome to Giga Pipe Systems

The sustainable management of fresh water resources is one of mankind’s key missions of the 21st Century. There is no ecological balance, neither remarkable protection of health nor long term economical prosperity without adequate sanitation. In light of global trends like rising population development and urbanisation, regional adjustment strategy to climate change or the common investment jam within existing systems the technical and political requirements to modern pipe infrastructure become more and more complex.

With its unique giga pipe systems puts the client in the focus and formulates a market-based, innovative reply to this challenges. For our customers we are the one-stop shop specialist for all kind of adopted solutions of corrugated pipe business weather they are technically or entrepreneurially.

From the sales or even development of market driving corrugated pipe systems, to production, implementation and service of excellent proprietary machinery up to strategic business support we provide our client with individual mix of solutions he may require.

Our mission is a win-win situation for our partners and clients, private and public net operators, the environment and the people. Take the chance to win with Giga pipe systems.